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28 August 2015 @ 11:04 pm
Because my first big Supernatural kink was the fact that I was shipping Wincest to begin with and my second was the boys being kinda, sorta, maybe evil, I give you my boys-as-the-antichrist-or-a-demon recs!

A Threefold Path to Redemption by rei_c - (Sam/many people but endgame Dean, 117k, NC-17) Sam finds a way to keep Dean from going to hell: he'll go in his brother's place. He knows it's going to be bad and that he'll emerge changed. He never knew how much.
Major warnings on this for dub-con (see author's more specific notes on this in her masterpost), gore, and graphic torture.  That said, even I-the-squeamish couldn't metaphorically put this down.  Rei-c always writes amazingly complex and beautiful fics, and this story (and the verse that follows it) are among my all time favorites.

Let Your Sins Be Strong by xzombiexkittenx - (Sam/Dean, estimated to be 20k, NC-17) The world’s a mess and Sam just needs to rule it. Dean’s not quite so on board with this plan.
Normally the first fic I rec to anyone who mentions Boy King/Antichrist!Sam.  Split into "Then" and "Now" sections, the story does a beautiful job of showing both Sam and Dean's sides, and making you really see the limitations of your narrator.  Besides, it's funny, sexy, and at times emotional, with possibly the best introduction of Lucifer I've ever read in SPN fic.

To The End by sometimesophie - (Sam/Dean, 23k, NC-17) The world is ending, Sam has turned, and Dean stops running.
I love this fic's use of the psychic children, as well as the way we are kept guessing along with Dean as to what's going on with Sam.  When all is finally revealed, it's immensely satisfying and really emphasizes the strength of the boys' bond.  Warnings for dub-con on this one.

Fortress by glasslogic - (Sam/Dean, 94k, NC-17) Seven years ago Dean Winchester paid his due to the Crossroads Demon and fell into Hell. Grief almost killed Sam, a demon blood addiction came closer, but he rid himself of demonic attachments and spent years building himself a prison where no demon can set foot, determined to take himself out of the apocalyptic game that had crushed his family. But each year on Earth is an eternity in Hell, and now Dean is back. Angry, powerful, and demonic; he has a plan to wreck vengeance on those who destroyed his life. A plan that will shake the foundations of the Pit and send shock-waves into Heaven. Dragging a reluctant Sam in his wake, will Dean manage to pull it off before the combined legions of Hell get their act together enough to stop him?
Demon!Dean!  Also an interesting take on what might have happened had Sam figured out Ruby's plan.  Like my previous rec, this fic keeps you guessing for quite a while about what Dean's doing and what his motivations are, making it (and its sequels) a fun read for me.  Warnings again on dub-con, of something close to the fuck-or-die variety.

The Dragon That Speaks Like a Lamb by randomfandom93 - (Sam/Dean, 9.5k, R) Hell got it wrong. Sam's not the Antichrist after all... Dean is. Or course, Sam's more than willing to play the part and front for his brother.
I just love the CONCEPT of this fic and the author did a great job with it.  There's a bit at the end that cracks me up every time and I find myself returning to this fic a lot just because it is so unique.

hell is fine this time of year by jukeboxhound - (Sam/Dean, 6k, R) Demon!Dean talks Sam into the role of Boy King.
The opening four paragraphs of this fully create the author's wonderful version of demon!Dean and just suck you right in.  From complaining about how fake tv blood spatter looks to talking Sam into becoming the King of Hell, this Dean is such a treat to read.
13 August 2015 @ 07:30 pm
Gather ‘round, children. Let me tell you about my very favorite rarepair, Sam/Jensen. “But Cherie,” you say. “That’s so random.” Not if you’re all about angsty!Sam and shamed incest-replacement sex, which I am. Below are my very favorite selections of this gem of a pairing, staring the most fucked up and desperate of Sams and the Jensens who love them despite complicated and confusing situations. READ THEM.

Doppelgänger by riyku (Sam/Jensen, NC-17, 2,100 words)
Summary: The guy's got three drivers licenses and two credit cards and five different last names. They all start with Sam. Not Samuel. Just Sam.

Finding Some Soul in this Town by kelleigh (Jensen/Jared/Sam, NC-17, 5,200 words)
Summary: A 16 year old Sam Winchester meets Jared and Jensen, circumstances forcing him to the streets to earn money.
Why I rec: This story is very different from the other fics on this list, and I struggled a bit trying to decide whether it should be included or not. For one, it’s a threesome, so not strictly Jensen/Sam. For another, it’s not nearly as sad, nor does the connection between Jensen and Sam (which is still really great) exist for similar reasons. But then I decided fuck it, I’m including it, because this is the hottest thing I’ve read in a year.

Long shadows and gunpowder eyes by fleshflutter (Sam/Jensen, NC-17, 7,205 words)
Summary: Sam is alone in prison, until Jensen is brought in.
Why I rec: If you’ve ever read this pairing, chances are it was this story. It’s how I got hooked—I thought “well, that’s not my pairing but PRISON FIC” and I drank of the waters of temptation and now I’m doomed. This story has spent years on my mind, and I read it differently every time I come back to it.

Mausoleum by necrora (Sam/Jensen, R, 3,079 words)
Summary: Post Season 3, Dean goes to Hell and Sam enters a bar to find a man who looks exactly like his stupid dead brother. Sam’s digging his own grave of grief and madness, and he’s taking Jensen along for the ride, whether the man wants to or not.

Set Out Running by tebtosca (Sam/Jensen, R, 729 words)
Summary: Sam hits a dog, but it's never really about that.
Why I rec: How did 729 words make me this emotional? I’m calling shenanigans.
11 August 2015 @ 02:00 am
Summertime means pool-time to this New Yorker -- so lets have some soaking wet J2 goodness to celebrate!

A sizable problem by beckaandzac
Jared is an Olympic swimmer with a problem. Jensen loves Jared's problem very much.

Don't Tell Me What to Do by 13chapters
The boys are teammates on the high school swim team. Jared's bossy and Jensen's confused.

Get a Clue by notyourpanel
Jensen has had his eye on the swim coach since he started work at the gym, but he's not sure how to let him know he's interested.

More than meets the eye by alycat
When Jared gets problem with his back, the last thing he wants is to go to the swim team's physical therapist but his coach insists and Jared finds himself with quite a handful

Tastes Like Chlorine by e_rated
Jared is a swim teacher while going to college. Jensen takes his neighbor's little boy in for his lesson, prompting Jared to think the boy is in fact Jensen's son. Misunderstandings and making out ensue.

What You've Got is Gold by kelleigh
Working as a lifeguard at the Dallas Aquatic Center, Jared deals with obnoxious kids, tends to scrapes and bruises, gets plenty of exercise hauling equipment in and out every day, and rescues world champion swimmers from drowning. Yeah, not even Jared saw that last one coming.
30 July 2015 @ 08:48 pm
I know we all saw the pictures Jared and Jensen posted of themselves at the Pentagon last weekend, and Jared jogging through D.C.  For me it was like fan fiction came to life :D Here are a few of my favorite political stories.

Talking Points by winterlive http://danny.talkoncorners.net/rpf/talkingpoints.shtml
Texas state senator Jensen Ackles (D-16) is a dyed-in-the-wool idealist, a squeaky-clean boy scout, and a notorious press-dodger. His star is on the rise, and it's worth a career to get the scoop on him. The L.A. Times' star reporter Jared Padalecki might just make it to the Washington Post before his 30th birthday, if he can get the story - he'll have to go undercover and join Jensen's team. But it isn't long before the lie starts to feel like a betrayal, and Jared never expected to like his subject as much as he does.

America's Son by truelyesoteric http://truelyesoteric.livejournal.com/142306.html
It is said that you don’t get with both hands. Jensen Ackles is the exception to that rule. He was born into a family of power and privilege, he was positioned to be the best of them all. He embraced and liked his life as he got ready to fulfill the promise to be the next great leader.

At first sight Jared doesn’t know any of that, he just knows that the guy in the library is hot.

Bit by bit Jared learns about Jensen Ackles and what that means. And he learns that even perfect doesn’t mean an easy happy ending.

Anyone who has ever been fascinated by the Kennedy family will love this story and its sequels.

Know Your Damn Constituents by bekkis http://archiveofourown.org/works/81058/chapters/108237

Jensen Ackles was a rising star in politics when he suddenly picked up and left D.C. to work back home in the private sector. He swore he was done with politics. But when his ex shows up with the perfect opportunity, Jensen finds he's not ready to give up on politics after all. A dream candidate and the chance to gain back his reputation, Jensen's ready to get back into the game. Except Jensen has to convince Jared Padalecki, his old political rival, that he's right for the job, and Jared is the last person Jensen can go to for a favor.

I mean Coach from FNL running for president,  where do I vote.

The American Bachelor by dugindeep http://dugindeep.livejournal.com/374790.html

Jensen Ackles is the first openly gay president, but that's the least of his worries. He's battling the press on his continued international trips to keep the peace, he has a 12-year-old to raise on his own, and he's trying to make something happen with the hot florist he just met.

Jensen as a dad and the president , yes please.
27 July 2015 @ 04:28 am
Judging by the amount of AUs a foreigner could get the impression that there was a bookstore on every corner in the USA. And they're all small and independently owned, too. ;-)
I do love books, though, and I have a fondness for stories with bookstore employees or owners.

The Opposite of Stereo by mistyzeo
Jensen is hard of hearing and he owns a bookstore. Jared takes the time to draw him out of his shell.

Hearhtstone by mollyamory
Jared interrupts sacred writing time when he crashes his bike right outside of Jensen's bookstore.

Blush and Bashful by tipsy_kitty
Jensen loves the way Jared blushes when Jensen buys awfully named gay erotica from him.

Quite so New a Thing by radiophile
Jared likes Jensen and his bookstore. When they get snowed in, he can finally make a move.

Open Mike Night at the Freemont by audrarose
Jared works as a sculptor while Jensen works at the bookstore next to Jared's favorite coffee shop, trying to deal with his past.

But Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow by jeyhawk
Jensen's been in love with Jared for a while but it takes a karaoke night - and the store's microphone on Monday - to do anything about it.

Small Town Loving by stir_of_echoes
(Yes, I'm cheating, this one's in a library) Jared falls for the cute librarian wearing argyle sweaters and glasses. So he spends as much time at the library as possible.
08 July 2015 @ 02:13 pm
It seems that my posting weeks each summer tend to bookmark the month I go away to work at a music camp...which makes my posts pretty predictable, but can you blame me? This is all I've been working on for the past few months, and where I'll be for the next month! Two years ago, I posted some J2-at-camp fic recs....which means today, before I head out, I'm going to offer you some fic focusing on the Winchesters at camp, or out camping.

(Humor me and my repetitive ways! I have to sleep in a dorm room for the next month!)

Camping by astrangerfate (PG, Dean, Sam, John)
Dean rested his head against the window, watching the featureless Minnesota prairie that surrounded the empty highway. He fought the urge to point out how screwed up his father's version of bonding time was.

Helter Skelter in the Summer Swelter by Spiraling (NC-17, Dean/Sam)
John decides to give the boys a "proper summer vacation" over the summer between Sam's junior and senior years, letting them camp in the Florida Keys instead of staying in motels. They use their time completely alone in the Florida mangroves, on a campsite right on the beach, to explore the sexual element of their relationship, which had previously only existed behind locked doors and between grimy motel bedsheets.

Summer Camp by gigglingkat (G, Dean, Sam, John)
"I sent his brother to summer camp," he explained. "You heartless bastard," laughed the manager."That seems to be the general consensus," John agreed.

Summer Camp by HelloPumpkin (PG-13, Dean/Castiel)
During the summer of his 17th year, Dean Winchester finds out summer camps aren't that bad.
Whether it's for the knot kink, or simply an avid interest in the social workings of a biologically stratified society (it's fascinating, okay!), alpha/beta/omega fics bring the heat (heh) to any ship. Here are some favourites and must-reads.

Found Another Anyhow by tebtosca
Jared hates to be a cliche, but he takes one look at his new babysitter and all he wants to do is push him onto the counter and fuck the daylights out of him.

Yes, Chef! by sloeDjinn
Jensen is a young Omega in a world where Omegas attract their mates by cooking for them. The better the cooking skills, the better the Alpha they end up with. So from a young age, Omegas go to culinary school and engage in cooking competitions to show off their skills. Jensen is one of the best, with maybe some culinary dreams beyond just attracting an Alpha.

Jared is the celebrity chef judging one of Jensen's cooking competitions. He's vowed to mate the Omega who can cook better than he can and he just might have found it in Jensen. He offers a mating contract even before he's tasted the dessert course.

For You by keep_waking_up
For spnkink_meme: Jensen is an omega who feels abandoned by his alpha mate, Jared. All he wants is to feel loved by the older wolf, but Jared seems too busy with the females of the pack to take notice. Cue Jensen's heat. Jensen, fearful that this would only seperate them further, tries to hold out on his own. However, if he doesn't mate during his heat, he'll die. He knows this and he's okay with that, because Jared doesn't love him. Jared then shows up and shows him how much he means to him before its too late.

Slick by Jay Tryfanstone
Prompt: After knotting Jensen, JP manhandles a dazed Jensen to sit on his lap, chest to back, and gets Jensen off again and again by just playing with his nipples, never even needs to touch his dick. Jensen's sobbing from over-stimulation but is too fucked out to have enough energy to push JP's hands away from his abused nipples. JP doesn't pull out after his knot deflates, just waits for the constant contractions of Jensen's ass to get him hard again before he starts round two.

The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth by saltandburnboys
Original prompt - Omega Jensen (15-18) has an appointment with his doctor Alpha Jared (who is also his crush and neighbour). It's just a routine check up, to get things looked at 'down there'. Jensen is incredibly shy and very much a blushing virgin and the thought of the doctor poking around down there has him really nervous. He's embarrassed because the doctor will know he's a virgin, and at his age he really shouldn't be (everybody at school is having no-knotting sex). So to save face, he comes up with a plan, the night before he's going to hook himself up to a fucking machine to make it look like he's been having regular sex.

Jared is trying his best to be a professional but his blood his boiling. Clearly his Jensen is having sex with some asshole alpha who doesn't care enough to make a claim or even scent the kid. Jensen should know better, even without knotting this could lead to unplanned pregnancy, or an STD. What's he thinking! Jared should have staked his claim on Jensen, when he first moved into the neighbourhood and first saw the gorgeous boy playing with his sister in the front yard. But Jared thought it would be best to wait, give the kid a chance to grow up a bit, have some fun without having an 'old man' at home to rush back to. Now it looks like he lost his chance.

Misunderstandings, confessions, claiming, mates for life, schmoop, happy ending.

No Substitution by pianoforeplay
Jensen's an Omega who's never once felt the desire to bend over for an Alpha. Until he meets Jared.

Alpha Pack by house_of_lantis
Jensen is the straight-laced by-the-book pack Alpha for the Dallas werewolves. Jared is a wild and reckless werewolf under house arrest and forced to take Jensen's Beta collar. Will Jensen see beyond Jared's wild ways to be his true mate; and will Jared see beyond the collar as anything but slavery?

Rattling Your Locks by cherie_morte
Born into slavery, Jared has been trained and used as a pleasure slave ever since he was a teenager. Rare and coveted because of his Alpha status, Jared has always sold to the richest and often cruelest of masters.

His new master, the young but ruthless CEO of TradeMark Entertainment, Jensen Ackles, seems no different. At least, not until Jared stops to wonder what a consummate Alpha male like Ackles would want with another Alpha as his pleasure slave.

Things only get more confusing when Jared arrives at his new master's home and finds that there are no other slaves. He soon learns that Ackles freed all of his father's slaves when he inherited them and has been a vocal supporter and patron of anti-slavery groups since. Jared doesn't know how to reconcile this knowledge with his master's outward coldness, but the more he learns about Ackles, the less he seems to fit into the assumptions that Jared has made about him.
21 June 2015 @ 11:47 pm
“Soulmates aren't the ones who make you happiest, no. They're instead the ones who make you feel the most. Burning edges and scars and stars. Old pangs, captivation and beauty. Strain and shadows and worry and yearning. Sweetness and madness and dreamlike surrender. They hurl you into the abyss. They taste like hope.”
― Victoria Erickson

The concept of mates and soulmates spawned a wide variety of stories in this creative fandom. The little collection below brings you Jared and Jensen as fae, wizards, college students, werewolves, knights, gods, adventurers, dragons, astronauts, and as the alpha to their omega. Also, here be porn.

Please be sure to read the warnings of each fic because some is quite kinky and some is darkly themed.

Not skin deep, you're in my soul by golden_cyborg (Jared/Jensen, Jared/OMC, NC-17, 25,590 words)
[ETA: Here's the link to the story on AO3 if LJ won't let you access it.]
Summary: Mated Omegas bond with their Alpha on a biological level, so completely that their body resists sexual advances from anyone else. Repeated knotting can make an Omega’s body accept a new Alpha, but the new mating bond overwrites the old one, erasing it not just from an Omega’s body, but from their mind as well.

Jared wakes with a headache and a memory full of holes. He’s been kidnapped, drugged, and is about to be sold to the highest bidder.
Why I rec: Hands down one of my favorite fics ever. Raw and terrible and heart-chrushingly sad but the glimpses of hope we catch are worth the pain. That's how good this author is.

Experiments in Magnetism by cleflink (Jared/Jensen, PG-13, 6,570 words)
Summary: Jared's too busy trying not to fail out of college to care that he hasn't found his soulmate yet. Honest.
Why I rec: This one has a lovely concept and adorable boys. It's so worth the read.

Heart of the Matter by electricalgwen (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 6,879 words)
Summary: AU dragon!fic, for the prompt "He was supposed to slay the creature, not end up soulbonded to it."
Why I rec: Have you read the summary?

13 more recs under the cut.Collapse )
Our boys are great human beings, and that’s wonderful. But isn’t it kinda hot when they’re bad, too? >:) A few standout fics below featuring the Js as robbers, con men, pirates, and other lovable rogues.

Beginner’s Luck by bertee (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, ~50,000 words)
Summary: Medieval-esque fantasy AU. Dashing-adventurer!Jared meets male-equivalent-of-a-damsel-in-distress!Jensen, who is on the run from a very shady JDM. With a little (read: a lot) of help from Jensen, Jared overcomes various hazards including a fire-breathing dragon, a haunted forest, and a nymph who is adamant that Jared should come to live with her underwater. Jared's reputation grows as a result of his heroics but before he and Jensen can plan their happily ever after, Jensen's past rears its ugly head, putting both of their lives in danger. It turns out that disgruntled dragons are the least of Jared's problems.

Saturday Night Special by fiercelynormal (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 1,750 words)
Summary: When Jensen and his boyfriend find themselves in a hostage situation, Jensen's boyfriend is a whimpering mess, trying to hide behind Jensen. Jensen just rolls his eyes while being provocative and not shutting up, insulting the bank robbers. Jensen is more than glad that finally something exciting is happening in his life.

And Jared, one of the bank robbers? Finds it all very amusing and is more than willing to show Jensen how much excitement someone can really have.

You’ve Got Me by minchout (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 6,800 words)
Summary: Con-man Jensen Ackles is released from prison into the custody of FBI Agent Jared Padalecki. The two have a long history of playing cat and mouse, but now that they’re stuck together, things between them change.

Zounds! by zubeneschamali (Jared/Jensen, PG-13, 883 words)
Summary: Jensen's a pirate interstellar privateer who just found some unexpected cargo on board.
Bonus!: This is only the first (very short) story in a verse that continues on with many fun installments. I cannot rec the verse enough, half because space pirate!Jensen is so dashing, but more so (more half? Shut up, Cherie) because the relationship that grows between him and Jared is just the sweetest. You can find the verse masterpost here.
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08 June 2015 @ 08:41 am
Sometimes things get so bad for Sam and Dean that they want to forget -- luckily fandom can twist that trope into something delicious. Have some amnesia fics!

A List of Typos Made by God cherie_morte
The summer before Sam leaves for Stanford, Dean begins to forget his relationship with Sam. Every morning he remembers less, and Sam is just waiting for the day Dean forgets him completely.

Dictionary for a Dead Language by britomart_is
Under mysterious circumstances bitterly disputed by the historians, Sam Winchester said yes to Lucifer. Three years later, Lucifer is gone and the familiar landscape that the Winchesters once traversed is a burnt-out ruin of its former self — not to mention the damage done to Lucifer's vessel. Trapped in a grotesque parody of domestic bliss with a brother he no longer recognizes, a shell-shocked Dean has no reason to believe that happy endings exist for men like the Winchesters.

Faded From The Winter by memphis86
A hunter that has lost his way, a brother who believes he will return.

Forget Me Not by bewaretheides15
Dean lost his memory on a hunt and now Sam's back from Stanford to try and help him find it

Like Fruit Rusting on the Vine by vorpalblades
"I looked everywhere. I collected hundreds of books, trying to find anything to bust you out"

Only Sweeter by rivkat
Dean gets amnesia; Sam tries to use it to fix him

The common fate of all by gretazreta
Dean Winchester works in insurance: brought up in foster care, he’s never hunted, never fired a gun, and never owned a car. Then, one day, he meets a guy called Sam.

The Land of the Blind by candle_beck
one of several possible futures, complicated by a different kind of amnesia.

We Came From the Breeze by lazy_daze
He opens his eyes and sees another guy staring back at him, mouth open and eyes wide, and he starts as it filters through that they're pressed together rather closely; the other guy's on his back and they're lying chest-to-chest.