Leigh (leighm) wrote in spn_themes,

The weight of a word...

There can be alot of weight and power in the string of just a few sentences. Drabbles aren't always easy when they are limited to 100 words where the author has to pick his/her words carefully to make the story say exactly what it's meant to say within its structure limitations.

I picked drabbles and ficlets this time around. I thought I would combine them in one post, focusing on smaller stories in general. Hope you see something you like!

Assorted Selections (Vol.II) by moveablehistory (Sam/Dean, G-R)--Four ficlets, individually named under this title. Individual scenarios of Sam and Dean. Very nice little slices of their lives.

Five Things Sam Knows About Dean, Five Things Dean Knows About Sam, Five Secrets Sam Has, Five Secrets Dean Has by namegoeshere (Sam/Dean, all with a rating of R)--Four "five" ficlets. I couldn't even begin to pick which of these is my favorite. All of them are. The perfect balance of schmoop and angst.

When It Rains, There's No Place Like Home by mickeym (Sam/Dean, both with a rating of PG)--Two ficlets. They paint such a pretty picture of the deep connection between Sam and Dean.

Sub Rosa: M,N,O by sadelyrate (Sam/Dean)--One word titles that are defined through snapshots of Sam and Dean's lives. I love the vagueness of these. It gives them such a tangible element.
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