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Girl's Night Out!

Love 'em or hate 'em, it appears (for the moment, at least) that Bela and Ruby are here to stay. Whatever you feel about their roles in canon, the two have definitely gained a life of their own through fic. Here are a few unique looks at the newest arrivals on the SPN scene.


-A Touch Speaks Volumes by promisetodepart (Dean/Bela, PG)
Dean and Bela continue to hide their feelings.
A short glimpse of Dean and Bela during and after the events of 3x06 that explores their softer sides.

do not go gentle… by whiskyinmind (Bela, PG-13)
She had never spilled family blood...
One answer to Bela's secret in 3x06...

-Girl, Interrupted by chaletian (Bela, PG-13)
Bela hasn’t always been the woman she is now.
A very cool look into Bela's past, and one possible scenario of how she came to be the person she is.

-The Midas Touch by herowlness (Dean/Bela, Sam, PG-13)
When the boys stumble upon Aladdin's lamp in Crazy Moe's Secondhand Shop, nothing that follows is what Dean expects - or, for that matter, anything close to what he wants.
As far as I know, this was the first Dean/Bela fic to pop up in fandom, so it's kind of a start to an era. A nice look at how Dean sees Bela after the events of 3x03, and a kind of "what if" of how their relationship could progress.


-blood beats black tonight by oxoniensis (Sam/Ruby, NC-17)
He's in a bedroom. Not his, not likely, not when he hasn't had a room to call his own since Stanford and Jess and a whole other life, and then it was vanilla candles in blown glass holders and classic paperbacks on the night stand, summer watercolors on the wall.
The description in this fic is just *gorgeous,* and it's wonderfully hot and creepy all at the same time.

-Dagger Mine by eboniorchid (Sam, Dean, Ruby, PG-13)
Sam walks the dark path to its end and Dean lives, but Ruby is the one who wins.
A chilling and AMAZING take on what exactly Ruby could have in store for Sam.

-Echon Daimonion by alphabet26 (Ruby, PG)
So, how about the girl that Ruby's possessing? Why did Ruby choose her?
A really neat idea focusing on...the more human side of Ruby.

-Kill the Fatted Calf by fiddleyoumust (Sam, Dean, Bobby, Ruby, PG-13)
My contribution to the LET SAM EAT club.
HAHAHAHA. Sam has an eating disorder. CLEARLY. Hysterical and pretty much the BEST THING EVER, OMG.

once my flame and twice my burn by marishna (Sam/Ruby, NC-17)
She leaned her hip against the desk and ran a finger across the cheaply stained desk. "Something you want to confess, Sam? You can tell me. Promise."
SUCH a fantastic characterization of Ruby, coupled with some great banter with Sam (and the 'are they or aren't they?' question). Plus, you know, it's all kinds of hot and stuff. ;)

I KNOW there are a lot more of them out there, so feel free to drop me some more links! :)
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