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A spanking good time

Santa wants to know if you've been good or bad. And we know what happens to bad fans don't we? Mmmm yes, spanking please!
One of my personal favourite kinks, and not seen often enough for my liking around these parts!
The following are some wonderfully hot spanking fics, with both Sam and Dean being on the receiving end. I've divided them into age groups, consider them all NC-17.
And please, I'd love to know of any other hot spanking stories.

Please miss, I've been good! *bats eyelashes*

*bends over*

Younger Sam/ Dean (18/14 ish)
With bombs and the devil, and the kids keep comin' by strippedpink
“Say you’re sorry, Sammy,” he says, an almost pleading note in his voice now. He doesn’t know what’s happening, how to stop it or if he even wants to. And Sam’s just lying there, taking it, pliant and submissive for the first time in longer than Dean can even remember. It’s a heady rush in Dean’s veins.
A slow burning hot build-up as both boys discover each other and what pushes their buttons.

That Frenzy of Mutual Possession by balefully
Sam pressed the side of his face into the rough motel sheets and squeezed his eyes shut tight against the sensory overload trying to drown him. The stinging slaps on his thighs and ass felt like perfect outlines of Dean's big, blunt fingers stippled over with needles, and it hurt like hell and Sam prayed to god that Dean would never stop.
Sam's encounter with a wonderful original character called Ephram leads to some jealous!Dean and some spanking…and more.

Adult Sam/Dean
Desired by astolat
Sam's hand was the size of a goddamn shovel. Dean arched back when it cracked down on his ass, palm cupping enough air to make a whipcrack sound, hot slap against his skin and Sam's fingers curving to his hip, pressing down a little to keep the heat in.
astolat shows the trust and intimacy between the boys as they explore their desires.

Your Fingerprints, Everywhere by lazy_daze
He fucking loves Dean like this, when Sam's pushed him and pushed him and Dean's gone with it, gone all the way to where Sam can take him, some open, soft place, where Dean doesn't say anything – doesn't need to – just leans on Sam and lets Sam take care of him, as Sam washes the come and sweat off him.
Sam finds out what Dean not only wants, but needs. The spanking is only one part of this scorching hot story, that features possibly the toppiest top!Sam ever.

Always We Make Love With Our Heartsby mickeym
Two through five get nothing more than a hiss and the number; six through twelve Sam counts off in a raw voice, each word clipped a little at the end. He presses back against Dean's hand when Dean stops to rub the heat in, fingers and palm stinging already, not even halfway in.
Sam gets a birthday spanking. Delicious!

Laws of Physics by sevenfists
Sam smacked Dean's ass thoroughly, pausing between blows to stroke his palm over the pink skin, slow flush of blood rising to the surface. Dean panted and rocked his hips against Sam's thigh, the head of his cock bleeding wetness into the denim. "Christ," Sam breathed, "you love this."
Sam making Dean beg never isn't hot!
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