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Crowley fics

Crowley is my new favorite demon! Continuing Supernatural’s great tradition of writing wonderful minor characters and then finding awesome actors to play them, it’s no wonder he already has so much fic after only 3 appearances. Here are some great Crowley fics – please rec me any others.

How Bobby Got His Soul Back and Demons Don’t Do Pillow Talk psycocatgirl (Crowley/Bobby), R
Getting his soul back from Crowley involves more than a kiss from Bobby. The first one is the night before, the second the morning after. Wonderfully sweet, these fics stay in charter for both and you know I’m gonna love bobby getting some action!

We Are the Champions by the_summoning_d Gen. PG-13
Moody interlude between Crowley and Sam the night before he faces Lucifer.

Lovers in League Against Satan by littlehollyleaf Gabriel/Crowley; PG-13
This is why I love fanfic! These two hedonists are perfect for each other and this story slips right into canon seamlessly, giving us a delightful raunchy evening with two characters who never met on screen.

There's Travel Yet to Come by emerald_embers Castiel/Crowley; R
Castiel gets what he wants from Crowley – but maybe Crowley does to.

Souless by ekbe_vile Castiel/Crowley; NC-17
Hot and dark with a great premise – Castiel offering his soul to Crowley. Some great insights into both characters.
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